Editor’s Letter- Week of April 24, 2015

April 24, 2015


Dear Intrepid Readers,


Here it is, the last week of April—hard to believe that we were just at AWP, and that next Friday, we’re closing the submissions portal for our King in Yellow issue, and opening up submissions for Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White. So that means if you’ve been tinkering with a King in Yellow piece, the time to wrap it up & send it out is now!


Hastur *really* doesn’t like it when you miss a deadline.


I find AWP to be a lot like an MFA residency (especially for those of you who took the low-residency route like me, and had a lot of information & socialization crammed into just a few short days.) It takes a week or so to decompress and get out of the “brain mush” stage, because I came back thoroughly saturated in ideas, experiences from readings, social connections I’ve made with other writers, to say nothing of the metric ton of reading material to tote back home. To me, the best part of these intense periods of creativity & connection is the literal & figurative unpacking that comes later, when I’m back at home.

Most people come back with big ideas—for their projects and for thenselves as a writers. Lise and I came back with the coming year’s worth of NonBinary Review themes pinned down, some new notions for future installations of Unbound Octavo, and a slew of ideas for crowdsourcing, contests, anthologies and ways for Zoetic Press to bring you more of what you want—words.

Because at the end of the day, that’s why you’re all here, right? It’s why we’re here—we love words, we love stories, we love poetry, we love that every human being is hardwired to engage through narrative. Which is one of the reasons why we started the Zoetic Press blog, Rhizomatic Ideas, where we get to talk to you about the things we face as writers and editors in our quest to share a narrative experience with the world. We post new content on Mondays & Thursdays each week, and we’d love to have you join in the conversation. Read, comment, share! Hit us up at blog@zoeticpress.com to get guidelines and book a guest-blogger spot. In the coming weeks we’ve got posts from contributors, guest bloggers, and our own Zoetic staff about things like MFA vs. NYC (the classic debate!) and how we’re faring on our NaPoWriMo projects.

No one likes Poet Voice, and we’re going to blog all about it!

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Until next week—



Allie Marini Batts, Managing Editor