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Intrepid Reader,

Wow. So this is what Tuesday looks like. I’ve got most of the week ahead of me. I’m not exhausted yet. This is amazing!

Just kidding. I work seven days a week. I can't tell Tuesday from Sunday most weeks.
Just kidding. I work seven days a week. I can’t tell Tuesday from Sunday most weeks.


Since it’s only been four days, this one is going to be kind of short. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Friday will be the first day of the Write Like You’re Alive 31/31 challenge.

Are you signed up? We’ve got over 100 participants signed up so far, and everyone who completes at least 20 of the 31 days is going to have a piece in the final anthology, which means that it looks like it’s going to be a fat masterpiece when all’s said and done. If you haven’t signed up and you’d like to participate, there’s still time. We won’t be accepting signups after Thursday, so don’t wait until the last second.

good poe meme

Maybe you like to take a little more time when you create.

If that’s the case, we’ll tell you now that July 1 also marks the opening of the submission period for NonBinary Review #12, and our theme this time is the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Normally we focus on a single author or text, but this time around, we’re opening it up to everything in Poe’s body of work. If you’d like to brush up (and perhaps find something other than “The Fall of the House of Usher” to write about), you can find all of Poe’s works for free on Project Gutenberg. I’ll be honest with you – we’re finishing up submissions for Alice in Wonderland, and we’re seeing the same kinds of submissions over and over and over. It’s hard not to be influenced by all the great Alice in Wonderland work that’s gone before, but it does make sifting through it all looking for something wholly new more of a challenge. The great thing about Poe is that there are plenty of works that are not as well-known as “The Tell-Tale Heart,” so there’ll be plenty of opportunity for you to find a way in.

With these two opportunities to send us your work, we have some sad news.

As of yesterday, Zoetic Press took the hard step of shutting down Unbound Octavo. When we first began, we were using the Lithomobilus platform, and Unbound Octavo sh0wcased Lithomobilus’s capabilities beautifully. But now that we’ve stepped away from it, it’s time to streamline our efforts on the things that make the most sense. Unbound Octavo had never really caught on, and there are folks that are doing it better than us. We’ve got a small staff, and we’d like to concentrate our efforts on the things we’re doing well – NonBinary Review and the books we publish.


Lastly, as always, a reminder to keep up with our comings and goings on social media.

And, because I’m not as eloquent as Allie, I’m just going to say – we’re all over social media, so however you do it, we’re there. Come connect with us!

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So, we’ll talk to you two weeks from today. In the meantime, you can always go back and read last week’s NonBinary Review offering, “Millenial John and Sherlock Meet Via Craigslist.”

Until then

Lise Quintana
Editor in Chief, Zoetic Press