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May 27, 2016

Dear Intrepid Readers,

Countdown to Bay Area Book Festival! Next weekend, we’ll be setting up shop in Berkeley with loads of other Bay Area presses, book vendors, authors and book lovers.

We’re Booth #10 on Writer’s Row in Center Street!

Last year, we had a lot of fun at this new, regional literary festival, and with so many new Bay Area contributors, we’re hoping to have a busy booth, full of authors and readers and a new Zoetic Press audience.

We’re scheduled to roll out the newest issue of NonBinary Review on June 1— just in time for the festival! We’ll have our Alphanumeric chapbooks, our anthologies Mythmaking and Dreamspinning, as well as our very first print run of Christopher E. Grillo’s The Six-Fold Symmetry of Snow, and of course, Zoetic Press shot glasses (to help the creativity, you see.) We’ll also have tons of freebies, including literary Mad Libs, buttons, promo-packs, tattoodles, and other assorted goodies to take away with you to remember us by. We’ll also have activities, including a Wheel of Trivia, and a chance to take a selfie with The Queen (#selfieswiththequeen).

If digital reading is your bag, we hope you’ll check out the offerings online and purchase one of our ebooks. At less than the cost of a Starbucks—our publications average $2 a pop—you’ll get more mileage out of one of these beauties than you would from a momentary caffeine jolt. Because we want to keep you reading, you can get caught up on our back issues (Issues #1-8)  and Alphanumeric  online, and if you like what you read, you can purchase a digital copy of any of the issues to take with you on your device. And just in time for Bay Area Book Festival, get 20% off your order (June 4-15) by using promo code BABF16!

Selfies with the Queen - very posh indeed!
Selfies with the Queen – very posh indeed!

This year at Bay Area Book Festval, our Editor-in-Chief Lise Quintana will be on two panels: Literature Goes Gaming: A New Frontier for Storytelling Journeys Stage at the Osher Studio (June 4, 10:00am) , and The Future of Publishing Hotel Shattuck Plaza Boiler Room (June 4, 1:30am). Tickets for these events are free, but the events fill up quickly, so reserve seats while they’re still available—these panels promise to be informative, fun, and thought-provoking with regards to the future of narrative and how these stories are delivered to readers. After all, just a few years ago, we couldn’t have envisioned the amount of reading we do online or digitally—these panels will give us a peek into what the next generation of readers will consider the norm.

For our readers, you’re only a week out from having a brand-new issue of NonBinary Review delivered for your reading pleasure. We’re still reading for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland  until July 1 or the issue is full (whichever comes first), and Anne of Green Gables. We have rolling submissions for full-length manuscripts and there are still 2 weeks left for Unbound Octavo story #2  –if you haven’t already, go read the anchor story, “Stealing Valium” by DL Shirey. If you’re feeling inspired, send us a story  !

why do you write GIF
…to know you’re alive!

Next week, while we’re at Bay Area Book Festival, we’re also opening up sign-ups for our July 31/31 Creativity Challenge, Write Like You’re Alive. As you may know, there are a number of “write-alongs” throughout the year—there’s NaPoWriMo in April, for National Poetry Month, and NaNoWriMo, sponsored by The Office of Letters and Light, which is a 50K novel-writing sprint in November. There are also a few 30-day sprints sponsored by presses (ELJ Publications, Tupelo, and Accents Publishing have all hosted monthly writing sprints), which we have observed and participated in as writers. One thing we noticed, though, was the way that these sprints, though encouraging to writers in other mediums, did emphasize one genre over another—which is something that made us say, “Let’s do that, but let’s do it a little differently.” Next week, we’ll begin sign-ups for our version of the 31-day Sprint, which we’re calling Write Like You’re Alive. Though “Write” is in the title, we’re encouraging artists of all mediums—from photographers and painters to poets and novelists—to do whatever it is that inspires them for 31 days. We’ll be curating an anthology from the creativity sprint, and any registered artist who participates for at least 20 of the 31 days in July, will be guaranteed inclusion in the anthology. All work will be considered for inclusion—so if you write once or all 31 days, your work has a chance to be included in the Write Like You’re Alive anthology. For more details on Write Like You’re Alive and how to sign up for it, check back here next Friday, and gear up to Get Lit in July!


As I do every Friday, I want to invite you to engage with us on social media—let us know how we’re doing, let us know if you’re enjoying the things we’re posting for you, tell us what you want to see more of—you know, the things social media was built for. You can connect with us in a lot of different ways—if you like your social media low-key, check out our Pinterest page, and see all the writing prompts, dream libraries, and writer memes that we’ve collected (a lot of the memes I use in editor’s letters show up on our Pinterest boards.) Our YouTube channel is getting a face-lift and this summer, we have plans to include book trailers, Patreon exclusives, as well as our storytellers entertaining you by reading their work to you in their own voice. Our blog Rhizomatic Ideas is also changing to adapt to the new Zoetic Press, but we’re always open for book reviews, blog pitches, and guest voices—we would love to hear your ideas, so send us a pitch. If Facebook is more your thing, connect with us on our Zoetic Press page, or for a more personal connection, engage with your favorite NonBinary Review authors (and editors) in the Zoetic Press Facebook group. If 140 characters is how you do social media, Tweet us @ZoeticPress . Every Tuesday, we’ll continue bringing you a new Alphanumeric which will remain always remain free for everyone to enjoy. We’ve also started cross posting to Tumblr, so if that’s how you prefer to read, you’ll definitely be excited to subscribe and see what’s new every week. Finally, producing all of this takes a village, so if you’d like to join ours, support the arts, and kick us a little bit of your money to if you’d like to contribute to the upkeep, maintenance and production of art at Zoetic Press, take a look at some of the membership perks we have available at our Patreon account.

Until next week,

Allie Marini
Managing Editor