Editor’s Desk – Week of September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015

Dear Intrepid Readers,

We’re going to go ahead and wish you a happy Autumnal Equinox about a week early, because we feel the change in the air and are eager to share it with you. The shifting of the seasons brings change with it—and pumpkin spice, let’s be real here. This is Zoetic Press’s second fall season, and looking back, we’ve come so far in just a year’s time—and there’s so much we’re looking forward to accomplishing in the coming year.


One thing we definitely look forward to each fall is Litquake!

Last year, our Editor-in-Chief Lise Quintana spent the week-long festival tirelessly volunteering at events throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area, and while we had a lot of fun and met some great people, we’re pretty sure that it took a month of recovery. This year, Lise will be volunteering in a different way—she’s going to be sharing her knowledge and experience in the publishing industry at one of Litquake’s professional panels. The panel—Hot Off the Press: The Latest From Publishing Pros—is completely free to attend, but due to space limitations, you do need to register in advance to snag a seat. The registration usually fills up pretty quickly as the date draws closer, so make sure you mark October 12 on your calendar and reserve your space today! It’s certain to be an interesting, informative panel that’s geared towards breaking into the publishing industry, as well as the challenges modern small press publishers face in a field that’s constantly changing and adapting to new technologies and reader trends.

Litcrawl Event Cover

We’re not only thrilled to have our Editor-in-Chief on one of the many great panels scheduled during Litquake, but we’re even more honored to be able to host one of the hundreds (literally!) of reading events capping off Litquake at the 2015 Litcrawl in San Francisco! This year, we’re joining the ranks of presses, journals, and writers sharing the best of what we all do best at Litcrawl, so grab a friend and get ready to meet us on Saturday, October 17, during Phase 1 of Litcrawl (6-7 p.m.) at Double Dutch in The Mission District! We’re excited to host four of our favorite Bay Area NonBinary Review contributors for your listening pleasure—so prepared to be wow-ed at Zoetic Press Presents: Mythmaking! Our featured readers for the event are Rosemary Tantra Bensko, Daniel Ari, Andrea Blythe, and Jaz Sufi, who will each be performing a short set of work that includes their contributions to NonBinary Review. We’ll also have trivia games with prizes, and a selection of Zoetic Press merchandise (including an exclusive, events-only print edition of Mythmaking, a collection of selected work from our first year.) As the dates draw closer, we’ll be updating our social media pages, so keep an eye out for where we’ll be—we’d love to have a drink with you and watch some writers do their thing!


Hot on the heels of Litquake (OK, not really, but it feels like it is!) comes our other favorite fall event, NaNoWriMo! This year, our editor-in-chief Lise Quintana and managing editor Allie Marini will not only be working on new NaNoWriMo projects, but if you’re in the South Bay area, we’ll be Municipal Liaisons (ML’s) for Santa Cruz, hosting regular write-Ins throughout the month to keep you caffeinated and in good company as you sprint towards the 50K word mark! Keep an eye on our Friday letters and social media for the events as we schedule them, and start plotting out your next masterpiece. Remember, all these books started as a 50K NaNoWriMo sprint—so make your Great American Novel dream come true this year (with us, if you can!) and sign up to write in!

Finally—new season, new issue of NonBinary Review! We’re just waiting on the final approval to deliver 1001 Arabian Nights to you—and that means that this coming Tuesday, our Alphanumeric features for the King in Yellow will be archived and the new series of 1001 Arabian Nights pieces will launch for your reading pleasure! We’re excited to bring you this diverse, multi-textured collection while we curate the upcoming issues, The Art of War and The Woman in White. Next month, we’ll be opening up the submissions portal for our A Study in Scarlet issue—remember, while we love the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes, submissions for this issue must relate back to A Study in Scarlet in some tangible way (a character, a plot twist that went nowhere, something from the source text.) We’re looking forward to reading your submissions while you read the new issues!

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Until next week,


Allie Marini
Managing Editor