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First strike; the shoes were fur not
glass. No happy ever after; or ever.
He’s false, couldn’t cut it. Second
strike; no class; thinner? Yes, singed
by flashlight; the press of the press
lengths of lens; stains—ash, bleeds
on dazzling dresses. Powder paint

flakes; cloth grows grey And with it
each day—dreams. A curse on you
Godmother, on all other well-meaning
meddlers. He’s, diverted by fertility
doesn’t see cheap tat, saddled rats. On
impulse mice eat the pumpkin; he
takes their White Queen, warms silk

sheets, lights candles; checkmate. Last
strike, the stroke of twelve, a sensual
caress in a dark Paris street. I take a
lover; run wild; laughing in tunnels; fly
high till the glass shatters. Behind the
lens, damp rodents fill gutters; click’s
carrion strobe vies, to gut a damp slipper


NBR1Hardy DawsonphotosmallSue Hardy-Dawson lives in the United Kingdom. She is a poet and illustrator and is widely published in children’s anthologies including, among others, A & C Black, Macmillan, Bloomsbury, Schofield and Sims and Oxford University Press. She has also been commissioned to provide workshops for The Prince of Wales Foundation for Children and the Arts.