Issue #2 Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

A Son of Prometheus (cover)
MANDEM is the art name for Maize Arendsee, an art instructor and Studio Art MFA student at Florida State University, and her life-partner, Moco Steinman-Arendsee. MANDEM’s artwork is described as an exercise in categorical violations, simulation, and narrative. With an academic background in classical mythology, gender studies, and critical theory, MANDEM works across media and materials (painting, assemblage/collage, film, sculpture, and book-making), intentionally destabilizing genre in terms of content and media. MANDEM’s artwork has been widely exhibited in art galleries and museums, and it has been featured in over 100 publications.

Daniel Ari
Meeting the Doctor
Daniel’s book One Way to Ask combines poems with illustrations by 60 different artists. Daniel has placed work in Poet’s Market, Writer’s Digest, carte blanche, Cardinal Sins, and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. “Meeting the Doctor” was published in Tales of the Undead Series: SUFFER ETERNAL, Vol. III.

Jenni Baker
How Do You Welcome Your Wanderer?
Jenni is the editor-in-chief of The Found Poetry Review. Her poetry has been in over two dozen literary journals. Her current project, Erasing Infinite, creates erasure poetry from Infinite Jest one page at a time.

Margaret Bashaar
The Doctor Considers the Monster
Margaret is the author of Stationed Near the Gateway, and Letters from Room 27 of the Grand Midway Hotel. Her poetry has appeared other journals and anthologies. She edits Hyacinth Girl Press.

Greg Beatty
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
Greg lives with his wife and dog in Bellingham, Washington, where he tries, unsuccessfully to stay dry. He writes everything from children’s books to essays about his cooking debacles.

Jeremy Berg
First, Last, and Always
Jeremy is a writer and librarian who has presented and published scholarly articles on the Grateful Dead. He currently resides in Texas with his wife, their pets, and an unreasonable amount of vinyl records.

Russ Bickerstaff
The Word in the Storm
Russ is a theatre critic and aspiring author living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife and two daughters. His work has appeared in Sein und Werden, Pulp Metal and Hypertext Magazine among other places.

Carina Bissett
Carina wrote travel articles and books about the Southwest. Her short fiction and poetry can be found at the Journal of Mythic Arts, NonBinary Review and other journals and anthologies.

Emma Burcart
The Perfect Man
Emma’s work has been published in Conclave: A Journal of Character, The Citron Review, and Brave of the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life.

Kat Cameron
Mary’s Frankenstein
Kat’s poetry has appeared in CV2, The Fiddlehead, Freefall, Grain, Literary Review of Canada, Queen’s Quarterly, Room, and South Dakota Review. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from the University of New Brunswick.

Phillip (Gregg) Chamberlain
Frankenstein: The Final Cut, or, The Modified Prosthesis
Gregg has published science fiction, fantasy and horror, and is happily occupied exploring weird and wonderful worlds in his imagination.

S. J. Chambers
Wandering Spirits: Traveling Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
S. J.’s fiction and poetry have appeared in Mungbeing magazine, New Myths, Yankee Pot Roast, and the anthologies Cabinet Of Curiosities, Zombies: Shambling Through The Ages, and The New Gothic.

Sarah Clare
one side of the victor’s shoulder
Sarah is the supporting Editor to Cæsura magazine—poetry, prose, the written word makes her tick. She firmly believes that life is a test of language.

Doug D’Elia
My Name’s Not Frankenstein
Doug is a playwright, visual artist, and the author of four poetry chapbooks. Doug’s artistic blog, The Rabbit Hole can be accessed at his web page,

Jilly Dreadful
Jilly wrote the libretto for Light & Power: A Tesla/Edison Story, a chamber opera composed by Isaac Schankler. You can find more of her feminist science fiction-y work at:

Barbara Duffey
Cento: Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley
Barbara is the author of The Circus of Forgetting, The Verge of Thirst, and I Might Be Mistaken. She teaches at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Laura Sook Duncombe
The Creature’s Commencement Speech: Bard Prison Initiative
Laura is a lawyer, YA novelist, and full-time Christian feminist nerd. Greek epic poetry, Sherlock Holmes, and musical theater are a few of her favorite things.

Madeline Dyer
A Patchwork Dragon
Madeline has short fiction in Mirror Dance Fantasy Magazine, Iron Bound, Yesteryear Fiction and more. Her novel, UNTAMED, was released as part of Prizm Books’ YA fantasy/mainstream line.

Ruth Foley
Dear Maria
Ruth has work in Redheaded Stepchild, The Bellingham Review, Yemassee, and Sou’wester, among others, and her chapbook Dear Turquoise is available from Dancing Girl Press. She serves as Managing Editor for Cider Press Review.

S. E. Greathouse
Industrial Taxidermy
S. E., a PhD in Children’s Literature and Pirates from Illinois State University, writes about the indoctrination of children through metaphor and other mechanisms of language.

Deborah Herman
Workshop of Filthy Creation
Deborah is a Toronto-area poet published in Silver Birch Press’ Half New Year and Noir Erasure anthologies, Silver Apples Magazine, Motif, Vallum and Existere.

Charlie Hoopla (Roger Lovelace)
You Bind Us, Joanna
Charlie calls North Alabama home, and currently lives in Athens, Alabama. Always an avid reader, he has recently turned to writing, concentrating on short stories and flash fiction.

Jennifer Hopkins
Jennifer writes horror and dark fantasy. She earned Honorary Mention in Hugo House’s Quattro Spec Fiction contest for her short story “Earthbound” and in iScriptapalooza for her spec script Supernatural: Green-eyed Monster.

Soren James
Frankenstein’s Progress
Soren recreates himself on a daily basis from the materials at his disposal, continuing to do so in upbeat manner until one day he will sumptuously throw his drained materials aside and resume stillness without asking why.

Elizabeth Johnston
Scrap Book
Elizabeth’s poetry has been featured in over a dozen journals and collections, most recently The Mom Egg Review, The Luminary, and Rose Red Review. Her poem, “Dorothy Tells it with a Sigh,” appears in NonBinary Review.

Lennart Lundh
The Tall Man by the Bar
Lennart is a short-fiction writer, poet, historian, and photographer. His work has appeared internationally since 1965. Len and his wife, Lin, live in northern Illinois.

Stephen Mead
From Dr. F’s Burned Papers
Stephen’s multi-media work can be found by placing his name in any search engine. His latest release is entitled “Our Spirit Life,”, a meditation on family heritage, love, and the evanescence of time.

Jennifer Morell
Mr. F
Jennifer is an MFA student in Fiction at The New School. Her work has appeared in Tin House, Sundog Lit, New School Writing, and Underwater New York. She lives in Queens, New York.

Geoff Mosse
The Monster at the Top of the World
Geoff is a quiet and humble hard working freelance writer and artist that resides in a fortified compound in Savannah, Georgia. His first graphic novel, The Mick, is available from Red Handed Studios.

Nick Nafpliotis
Mentor to a Monster
Nick writes about weird crime, bizarre history, pop culture, and humorous classroom experiences on his blog, He is a television, novel, and comic book reviewer for

Kelly Nelson
Mary’s Reaction to her Lover Adding 5,000 Words to Her Draft of Frankenstein
Kelly is the author of Rivers I Don’t Live By, winner of the 2013 Concrete Wolf Chapbook Award. Her poems are in Another Chicago Magazine, Watershed Review, I-70 Review and Bluestem.

Julie Reeser
The Walton Doctrine
Julie is the straight man in the comedy duo that is her marriage. Her flash, “System Restore”, can be found in Timeless Tales Magazine, and she has an upcoming short story in Black Denim Lit.

Christian Roman
Meeting the Doctor
Christian has been an animator for The Simpsons, King of the Hill, The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat and Lilo & Stitch.  He co-created and directed Disney’s Fillmore! for which he was nominated for an Annie Award.

Judith Roney
My Nickname Was Frankenstein
Judith has fiction and poetry in It Is Written: An Anthology of Poetry Inspired by Hip-Hop, Steam Ticket, Jet Fuel, Foothill: A Journal of Poetry, as well as other publications.

Joseph Sale
Dead-meat Dogsbody
Joseph has work in Silver Blade, Fiction Vortex and Edgar Allan Poet Journal 2#, and his debut horror novel The Darkest Touch was published in April 2014 by Dark Hall Press (

Lucas Scheelk
Dear Creature
Lucas is a white, Autistic, trans, queer poet from the Twin Cities. In his spare time Lucas dabbles in acting, Holmesian Autistic discourse, and takes life fabulously one day at a time.

Luke Spooner
Mr. & Mrs.
Luke is an illustrator and writer. Despite regular forays into children’s books and fairy tales, his true love is anything macabre, melancholy or dark in nature and essence.

Dev Varma
The human mind will always be superior to machines because machines are only tools of human minds.
Dev is a Prose Fellow at the University of Notre Dame’s MFA program. His work has appeared in Oxford American Magazine, A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, and mikrokosmos.

Donna Vorreyer
The Monsters Receive Their Briefing on Millenium Park
Donna poetry collection, A House of Many Windows, is available from Sundress Publications. Her work has appeared in Rhino, Linebreak, Cider Press Review, Stirring, Sweet, wicked alice, and Weave.

Jaclyn Weber
21st Century Prometheus
Jaclyn has work in Collision Literary Magazine, Write Bloody Publishing, The Feminist Wire and Zaum Literary Magazine. She was awarded the 2013 and 2014 Academy of American Poets Prize at Bradley University.

Sheri Wright
Sheri is the author of The Feast of Erasure. Her visual work has appeared in Blood Orange Review. Currently, she is working on her first documentary film, Tracking Fire.

Joe Young
We Frankenstein
Joe artwork or short fiction is in Morpheus Tales, Wordland 2, Nat.Brut, Haunted Waters Press From the Depths, Goblin Mire by David A. Riley, and in the Journal of the British Fantasy Society. He loves his job.