What He Said

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He said: Don’t take this the wrong way but if I had the choice between going to a deserted island with a beautiful woman like you or even Angelina Jolie or going with my albums and turntable, there would be no competition.

Later he said: If I had the choice between five minutes of hot sex or three days of just talking poetry with you I would take the talking.

Later he said: See the Chinese guy wearing that Polo t-shirt? Once the Chinese dominate we’ll all want slanted eyes, according to X.

Later he said: You are super smart and that’s an understatement. Our relationship is like listening to music.
Later he said: See that guy’s scuffed shoes and his ill-fitting suit? The way he stands there miserably on the train’s platform? His shoes and his suit make him a miserable cunt.

Later he said: You’re really into the muscular arms-thing, aren’t you? If you weren’t so smart I’d dump you.

Later he said: I am known as a man with a strong feminine side. I master my cock with my mind. You’re right–my ex-wife is a cunt. You are my lady-slut.

Later he said: I love how prime integers can be archetypes, according to X.

Before long he said: Try sucking rather than chewing the dark chocolate. It’s a whole other eating.

Sometime later he said: Come and live with us in a ménage a trois. Half the time I don’t come.


Anonymous has written pretty much everything published before the advent of human writing, as well as most things written during the period when authorship was not well understood. Anonymous has been active in political writing, satirical writing, and the kind of writing that earns one detention in high school, despite one’s protestations of innocence. Anonymous often wishes the world could be different, and that they didn’t share a name with so many other people with whom they may or may not agree.