Editor’s Letter- Week of August 14, 2015

August 14, 2015


Dear Intrepid Readers,


This week we’re reporting to you from National Poetry Slam 2015 in Oakland, California!



What is NPS, you ask? NPS is the definitive showcase for performance poetry, where 72 teams from around the U.S. and Canada compete in the world’s largest poetry slam. Over the course of the week, these teams will be fighting to reach the four-team National Poetry Slam Finals. Think AWP on a louder, more competitive scale: imagine if all the panels on AWP faced off against one another until only 4 Ultimate Panels remained…actually, that sounds kind of fun. In addition to the nightly bouts that determine which teams will make the Finals Stage, there are daily workshops, open mic events, readings, and opportunities for poets from across the country and Canada to connect through writing and engage with the community. We’ll have photos and some new blog posts for you in the coming weeks—the upcoming issue of NonBinary Review even features work from one of the competitors, so you’ll get a taste for what stage poetry can do when it comes to the page.


Mic drop!


Speaking of the next issue of NonBinary Review, we’re putting the final touches on the 1001 Arabian Nights issue, and we’re eager to bring it to you in September! We’re as excited as we always are to bring this new collection to our readers. This issue was challenging on an editorial level, trying to ensure diversity in our pages, but it helped us learn new ways to call for submissions, which, in turn, makes us better editors. We’re proud of this issue, and we’re confident that you’ll be excited about it—the poems, stories, art, and essays of this collection are rich, multi-textured, and oriented towards issues of social justice, while never forgetting the imaginative elements of magic that fueled Scheherazade’s stories over her 1001 nights.


Yeah, Scheherazade’s a badass in this issue. Get excited.


Just because we’re gearing up to bring you 1001 Arabian Nights, that doesn’t mean that we’re not thinking about NBR#7—we calculate that you have 78 Literary Nights to send work in for our Woman In White issue, and 147 Literary Nights to send in work for our Art of War issue! In November, we’ll be opening up submissions for our Sherlock Holmes issue (specifically, A Study in Scarlet). In the New Year, we have a surprise for our readers and contributors for the 2016-2017 schedule of new themes. We’re pretty sure you’re going to love the next direction we’re taking with NBR, but until January, we’re keeping it secret.


We’ve been watching the web traffic, and it’s pretty clear that or readers are really enjoying our blog, Rhizomatic Ideas, as much as you’re enjoying the weekly Alphanumeric creative features that complement the current issue of NonBinary Review. Every week, we’re bringing you bite-sized blog posts, guest blog series, and book reviews. But we’d love to see more of our readers represented! Is there an author that you’d like to interview or profile, either from our pages or from your own networks? Do you have a great idea for a series of posts, or a question to raise to the literary community-at-large? Did you just read a fantastic novel, collection of short stories, or book of poetry? Tell us about it! Or is there something different you want to see on the blog? We’d love to hear your ideas and bring you more of what you want to read. To pitch an idea, propose a blog series, or if you’ve got a blog post you’d like us to publish, contact us at: blog@zoeticpress.com. To send us a review of a book, literary journal, ‘zine or graphic novel/comic book, use our Submittable portal and help promote the work of the authors and poets who are working hard to bring you new art.


Could YOUR blog post help us get there? We bet it could. You seem like a great blogger!


We hope you’re as excited to downshift into fall as we are—new issue of NBR, new blog posts and fresh book reviews, pumpkin spice everything, as well as new installments of Unbound Octavo, and Zoetic Press’s first full-length book releases! (More on that in next Friday’s editor’s letter.) But before the new issue launches, make sure you’re all caught up on the five issues that we’ve brought you over the past year and a half— download our app for iPhone or iPad and enjoy each issue of NonBinary Review, completely free. Want to keep up with what’s happening on the blog? Follow us on Facebook (Zoetic PressLithomobilus), and use our daily links to read new blogs, book reviews and Alphanumeric features! We’re also on Twitter (@ZoeticPress and Litho) and Pinterest, and you can even see some of our authors reading their work on our YouTube channel. If you’re interested in hearing more from us, sign up for our monthly newsletter. We’re serious about your privacy, and promise not to flood your inbox. Want to be a guest writer for Rhizomatic Ideas, or to profile one of our contributors? Send us a pitch at blog@zoeticpress.com. Have a book you’d like to tell the world about, or know a writer that everyone should know? Send us your reviews and author interviews!


Until next week,


Allie Marini
Managing Editor