Editor’s Letter- Week of April 17, 2015

April 17, 2015


Dear Intrepid Readers,


Allow me to tell you about #AWP15!!! (Because I’m going to, whether or not you want me to.)


Before anything else, let me remind you to find us on Facebook, because in the coming week, we’ll be uploading the best pictures from #AWP15 into an album so you can see what it’s like and hopefully, our shenanigans will convince you that there’s no way you can possibly miss out on #AWP16 in Los Angeles.

Every year, we’ve noticed that there’s an unofficial “theme” to the panels & presentations at AWP—sort of a way to gauge where the pulse of the industry is pumping. In previous years, the panels have been geared towards self-publishing, promotions, literary translations, YA writing, and other topics, but this year, we noticed a trend towards addressing women in the editorial field and a general emphasis on poetry as a whole—sort of interesting, considering the NPR op-ed from this past fall that asked, “Where Have All The Poets Gone?” (Apparently, they were all at AWP when Juan Vidal was taking roll call.) We noticed a smattering of panels addressing literature and technology, which (*cough*cough*) we happen to know a few things about, so we’re hoping that maybe #AWP16 will be the year of narrative technology (see what we did there?)


We wanted to remind you that we’ve officially launched the newest issue of NonBinary Review, #4Bulfinch’s Mythology: The Age of Fable, and it is just FULL of amazing new work by 35 talented artists, authors & poets—and it’s *absolutely free* to download to your iPhone or iPad (and we swear to you, we’re working on the Android extension, so that everyone can have access to the work we’re putting out!) And if you don’t have an iOs compatible device, remember that we’ve got you covered over at Alphanumeric, where we host a weekly online feature that will be bundled into the issue at the launch of Issue #5.

Speaking of which—we’re in the last 2 weeks of the reading window for NBR #5, The King in Yellow—so if you’re tweaking your submission, don’t miss the deadline! Submissions for NBR #6, 1001 Arabian Nights will remain open until July 31 at midnight, so take your time with those pieces—there’s more than adequate revision time for your bedtime stories! (We aren’t waiting to cut off your head, either. Thankfully.) We close this issue submissions down at midnight on April 30, and will open the window for issue NBR #7, Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White! So sharpen up your mystery writing chops & get ready to get your detective on—that issue promises to be a killer one. (Again with the terrible puns. You would never know that we hold masters degrees in fine arts, would you?) We’re especially interested in seeing where this theme takes our authors because a major plot point of The Woman in White is the unfavorable position of married women under the laws of the time, and our contributors tend to be a very forward-thinking, social justice minded bunch.


After assessing the level of reader engagement with our publications, we’re excited to launch the official blog of Zoetic Press, Rhizomatic Ideas (because pluralism in your thought process is HOT.) Our blog will be posting new content on Mondays & Thursdays each week, and we’d love to have you join in the conversation—to pitch us an idea or to guest blog, simply hit us up at blog@zoeticpress.com. We look forward to hearing what you have to say—anything goes, just remember that ideally blog posts are in the range of 300-500 words, max.

You can follow us on Facebook (Zoetic Press, Lithomobilus) and also on Twitter (@ZoeticPress and Litho). We’ve been upping our social media postings and we’d love to see more reader & contributor engagement, so that we know our posts are giving you more of what you want. We also have a really fun Pinterest page and whenever possible, we post audio/video of our contributors’ work on our YouTube channel. Not a fan of social media, and just want the condensed version? Sign up for our monthly newsletter—we’re serious about your privacy, and promise not to flood your inbox. And if you haven’t already, download the free app—now available for both iPad AND iPhone!


Until next week—



Allie Marini Batts, Managing Editor