Editor’s Desk – Week of June 26, 2015

June 26, 2015


Dear Intrepid Readers,


This week was a low-key kind of exciting for us at Zoetic Press. Last week, we launched the 5th issue of NonBinary Review, The King in Yellow, within a week of the 1st anniversary of the publication of our 1st issue, A Grimm Collection of Modern Fairytales. With each issue, we notice some common thread in the submissions—it’s almost a zeitgeist with our contributors, and downright eerie sometimes, the way that writers from across the globe will all pick up on a note in a core text and play harmonics of that note in their own pieces.



Is that a gorgeous rogue’s gallery, or what?


We’ve also learned that sometimes curation can’t be rushed—because of that, we’ve decided to extend the reading period for NBR #6, 1001 Arabian Nights, another 2 weeks, so that authors can take their time, instead of rushing to meet a deadline. The core text is a tricky one to tackle, and we want to make sure that we bring you the most diverse re-imaginings of these stories possible, from as many divergent points of view as we can bring together. As this reading period winds down, we find ourselves thrilled with the vision of the issue we see shaping itself. We’re eager to have as many pieces as possible for this issue (not 1001-we’re okay with letting our readers sleep on occasion!) and we’re hoping in the last days of the submissions period that we’ll receive some more visual art and submissions of creative non-fiction or essays that deconstruct some of the cultural implications of the stories, and how these elements have adapted, proliferated, or vanished in the modern world.



Us, thinking about this next issue.

Do you have the story Scheherazade tells the shah on the 1002nd night, after her life has been spared? Or is there a parable that she left out, that only you know? We want to hear it! Submissions close for good at midnight Pacific Time on Friday, July 10—so make sure you don’t miss your chance to tell us a story.

This weekend, we’re also launching a new feature to keep you up-to-date on all the new books out there to read, & which ones you might like that you might not have discovered otherwise. We kicked this feature off with a review of Jeanine Deibel’s Spyre by Sessily Watt. If you missed it, read it here!




We hope that you’ll hit us up on Sunday, when we’ll be posting contributor Alessandra Bava’s review of a poet we hope one day will grace our digital pages, Fox Frazier-Foley’s Exodus in X-Minor (Sundress Publications.)

To get the skinny on some of the most interesting reads out there, hit us up on Sundays and Wednesdays! If you just read a book that blew your mind and you think everyone should know about, send it to us!



Shut up, we know you have one, too.


This week we also had some great blog posts go up, and we hope that you’re following us on Facebook, which is where all the great conversations these posts spark are happening. Monday, our own Editor-in-Chief Lise Quintana blogged about how to keep the spark alive and your motivation engaged when you’re working on a long form project. We also had part 2 of editor Jilly Dreadful’s series on problematic work. Is there something you’re passionate about that you’d like to start a conversation about on our blog? Send a pitch or a post (300-500 words) to blog@zoeticpress.com We also have an all-new Alphanumeric feature this week from one of our favorite multi-issue contributors, Carina Bissett—if you haven’t already, check out her piece, The Yellowed Press of an Ancient Power—if you dare!

As always, the new issue (as well as the archive of Issues 1-4) is completely free—just download the app for your iPhone or iPad. Next week, we’ll have a brand-spanking new Alphanumeric feature for you on Monday, as well as some new Rhizomatic Ideas posts throughout the week. Stay in the loop & hit us up on Facebook (Zoetic PressLithomobilus), Twitter (@ZoeticPress andLitho) and Pinterest, or see some of our authors reading their work on our YouTube channel. If you’re interested in hearing more from us, sign up for our monthly newsletter. We’re serious about your privacy, and promise not to flood your inbox. If you haven’t already seen what we’re about, download the app and get to reading—it’s free, and available for your iPad and iPhone.




Until next week,




Allie Marini,

Managing Editor