Editor’s Desk – Week of January 1, 2016

January 1, 2016

Dear Intrepid Readers,

First things first: Pop 2 Excedrin, drink a bottle of Pedialyte, and eat something greasy and full of carbs. That should take care of your hangover. Here’s hoping 2016 won’t deal you much worse than that in the coming year. Where to start?

hangover cat
See, you start the new year like this…


Then you follow the instructions above…




no hangover
et voilà! You’re fabulous Tony Stark and all’s right with the world!



Let’s start with the fact that for a lot of us, 2015 kicked our ass all the way out the door. This year was a tough one—we always feel that way as we look back at the close of a year, but this year felt particularly difficult across the board. This last days of 2015 saw yet another decision not to indict, this time in the case of Tamir Rice. We are deeply disappointed in the justice system and grieve the loss of a child’s life. There are words that ache to be written, read, and understood. For those of us who come from places of power, privilege, or positionality, this is our quiet listening time. As people, as writers, as editors, the necessity of inclusion has never been more urgent than it is now. As our world edges towards the violence, anger, and insularity of binary modes of thinking, it is my deepest wish that 2016 will be the year of tipping points, where we come together and start working towards change—not just a vague concept, but as a tangible reality—by incorporating regular, committed acts of kindness into our daily lives and trying to make the world a better place to be. Recently, I saw a video that had gone viral, where a regular guy, walking down a regular street in Milwaukee— but really, it could have been any street in any city—dancing, while picking up trash.  Is that guy going to solve the world’s litter problem? Not even close. But is he making his world a little cleaner and nicer by taking pride in where he lives, doing his small part to help? Yes. Little acts of kindness matter. Small actions can create an avalanche that takes down a mountain. If each of us go a little bit out of our way to reach out to each other—maybe in 2016 we can make a difference. One way we traditionally embrace a “tabula rasa” approach to the New Year is in making resolutions. Here at Zoetic Press, we wish you the best of luck in keeping to whatever resolutions you’re making for the coming 365 days, and we hope that a commitment to bettering your corner of the world will be something that you choose for 2016. Make every single day matter, because though we may often take them for granted, they do.


mark twain
Smart guy, that one. 


This is the final week of the reading period for NonBinary Review’s The Art of War  issue—so if you’ve been putting the finishing touches on your work, now’s the time to send it in! The submissions for this issue are very strong and cover a solid cross-section of the thirteen core principles from the Sun Tzu text. We’d still love to see more traditionally underrepresented voices, so if you identify as a writer outside of the binaries, by all means, we’re looking forward to reading your work! We’re open for submissions for Zoetic Press and the Alice in Wonderland and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet issues of NonBinary Review, as well.


In last week’s letter, I talked about what Zoetic Press is looking for as we switch into first gear reading manuscripts for the upcoming publication calendar. First and foremost, we’re look for diversity in form and authorship. We’d like to see manuscripts from authors whose voices are traditionally underrepresented in publication: female-identifying authors, writers of color, LGBTQ voices, all the voices that fall outside of what’s considered to be “the canon.” We’re also looking for manuscripts with an unconventional approach to the limitations (or limitlessness) of literature—after all, our Lithomobilus reading platform doesn’t conform to conventions, so why should Zoetic Press authors have to? Our 2016 publication calendar includes books of poetry, creative non-fiction collections, short story collections, hybrid works, experimental fiction, and the first winner of our NaNoWriMo novel contest. As we continue to read more new manuscripts, we’d love to see more novels, academic projects, and longer collections of short stories. We’re tentatively scheduled out the 2016 publication calendar, but we’re reading submissions with an eye towards what we’d like to see 2017 looking like. We hope that you’ll join us on this adventure—as a reader, as a contributor, as an author.

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Until next year—


Allie Marini,
Managing Editor