Editor’s Desk – Week of February 12, 2016

February 12, 2016

Dear Intrepid Readers,

Last month, after years of hard work, we launched the LithoReader store. We launched the new LithoReader app to coincide with the publication of NBR#7: The Woman in White, which we continue to bring to you at no cost, for your reading pleasure. The release of the LithoReader app has been one of the biggest strides we’ve made as a company, and we’ve all been floating on a blissful cloud. But don’t let our blissful bubble trick you into thinking we’ve been resting on our laurels. We’re an industrious group, and the LithoReader app release has made us double down on our efforts to keep our progress on an upward climb. Which is how it’s possible for me to bringing you the most exciting news that we’ve had since the founding of our press and the release of NonBinary Review #1.

bliss bubble
How we’re feeling, while still being busy.

In the next week or so, we published our first two full-length manuscripts, Erin Elizabeth Smith’s The Fear of Being Found, and Christopher E. Grillo’s The Six-Fold Radial Symmetry of Snow. These are our first books available for purchase, and to thank readers who register at Zoetic Press to purchase these works, we’ve discounted the price—it’s our way of saying, “Welcome to Zoetic Press.”


Our next projects are Nicole Oquendo’s Telomeres (cover art by the inimitable MANDEM) and Joe Loya’s The Man Who Outgrew His Prison Cell, which, in addition to a wealth of author extras and bonus features, will include an introduction by Piper Kerman, of Orange is the New Black fame.

It’s kind of a big deal.

This spring will also see the release of our first NaNoWriMo contest winner, Absent Father, by Ben Walsh. We’ve also got books lined up from Soaramimi, Ariana den Bleyker, as well as the announcement of our 2015 NaNoWriMo contest winner, whose novel we’ll be bringing to you this summer. We believe in the books that we choose to publish so much, and it’s an honor to begin bringing these works to you. But we’re also interested in working with other publishers to bring their books to the Lithomobilus format, so if you’re a publisher who’d like to trade beta tester feedback for Litho publication, send us a note  and a brief overview of your project.


Last week, we announced that we’ve decided to slowly begin migrating our back issues online, so that all readers can enjoy the issues we’ve curated, though for the best reading experience, if you do have an iPhone or iPad, download the reader and experience the issues and source text working the way we’d envisioned when we first conceived of the idea for Lithomobilus. While we work on bringing all of the 250+ works that comprise our first 2 years publishing this periodical, we’re still rolling out new Alphanumeric pieces every week—this week’s feature, “Stillness,” by Jamal H. Iqbal, is one of my favorites of the Woman in White series, and I urge you to give it a read (or a re-read!) I love stories that shift POV to reveal more depth to the narrative, and this piece of fiction is masterful in moving from character to character to peel back the layers of each character and their own unique story to bring the reader to the core that unites the reader, the characters and the author in the singular stillness that is their humanity.

artofwar copy
The forthcoming issue’s cover – as always, MANDEM have outdone themselves!

AWP is fast upon us, and we’ll be releasing NBR #8, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, right before the conference begins. This year, we’ll not only have print copies of last year’s anthology, Mythmaking, but we’ll also have this year’s anthology, Dreamspinning, which collects all of our award nominees—from Best of the Net and Pushcart Prizes to Bettering American Poetry and Best American Independent Poetry, it’s all the work we’ve published that we just couldn’t get out of our heads. We’re also bringing you another treat in print: chapbooks of our Alphanumeric features, one chapbook for each issue (with the exceptions of NBR #1 and#2, Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Frankenstein, which we published before we began the online Alphanumeric series). So if you’re going to be in LA for AWP this year, stop by our table (#1636) and pick up some books, a set of Zoetic Press shot glasses, some limited edition art prints by our cover artists MANDEM, and take a moment to use our tablet to explore the Reader app! If you’re a contributor, we’d be thrilled if you stop by so we can document all the excitement of the conference for our social media—we’ll be Tweeting and Facebooking and Instagramming like mad, and we want to post your cute mug to the world!

OH HAI LOOK That’s our EIC Lise Quintana spotlighted on AWP’s landing page!

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Until next week—


Allie Marini,
Managing Editor