Editor’s Desk – Week of December 18, 2015

December 18, 2015


Dear Intrepid Readers,

We’re in the last sprint of the year—and what a year it’s been for us! We hope 2015 has been equally kind to you. Next week, a lot of publications will be going on hiatus until after the New Year. We’ll be posting on an abbreviated schedule, so that you’ll still have new content to read, but also so that our staff and associates can enjoy a little downtime with their loved ones, too.

reindeer cat

Except the cat, who is a known asshole.

Wrapping up a year is always bittersweet, full of highlights we wish we could rewind and revisit, and sometimes full of missteps we wish we could forget. For writers and editors, there are always the pieces that got away that haunt our dreams (dammit!), stories we didn’t finish writing (hello, my NaNoWriMo project), and the goals we want to run towards while our company and reading platform are still learning how to walk. This is the bitter part of being part of something you love: you want everything to be perfect the first time, every time. The sweet part is learning the joy that comes with patience, with learning, and with enjoying where we are right now, because in five years, looking back, it’ll make the distance that much more satisfying.

adulting awards

You laugh, but we’re PROUD of those ribbons.

So what did we accomplish in 2015? Well, last December, we published NBR #3: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz —this was also when we debuted the online Alphanumeric  series, for our readers who don’t have iPhone or iPad access. What began as a simple accommodation for readers as we work towards a greater range of device compatibility has become one of the great successes of our 2015 year. Every week, Alphanumeric gives readers a little taste of what’s in the issue, and allows featured authors to bask in the spotlight. We launched our regular blog, Rhizomatic Ideas , which brings you a week’s worth of op-eds, guest blogs, response pieces to op-eds making the rounds in social media, and book reviews—all in bite-size increments designed to accommodate your busy schedule with a bit of reviving art and commentary. Also this calendar year, we published NBR#4: Bulfinch’s Mythology, NBR#5: The King in Yellow, NBR #6: 1001 Arabian Nights, and the forthcoming NBR#7: The Woman in White—in just 13 months, we’ve brought you 5 whole issues  and 52 Alphanumeric features of the most innovative, unique and inventive poetry, prose and art work.


From these issues, we’ve nominated work for Best of the Net, Independent Best American Poetry, Bettering American Poetry, and the Pushcart Prize . While the results of most of these contests is still pending, this week, we received the joyful notification from IBAP that our nominee, Saba Razvi, is one of the poets whose work has been selected for publication in the Independent Best American Poetry anthology. Congratulations, Saba! The IBAP anthology will be featuring Movement 1: An Elegy for the Ancestors from Saba’s epic poem, O Dervish of the Restless Heart.  We invite you to take a moment and read the poem in its entirety,  as well as our other nominated pieces. [link to the nominees page archive?] We loved this piece so much, we made it the closing piece to NBR#6: 1001 Arabian Nights.  This is the note we wanted to echo in our readers’ hearts. We hope that when you read it, you’ll be awed the same way that we were, and be happy that the IBAP judges felt that same maelstrom of the heart when they read Saba’s beautiful work.

This year, we also attended more than a few literary conferences and festivals—from AWP Minneapolis, Bay Area Book Festival and Litquake from our home base right here in the Bay, all the way to Book Expo America in New York City: with every conference, we learned how to court a different audience, and discovered new ways to demonstrate what we’re doing to readers, writers, publishers, engineers, marketers, and investors. This means that we are bound for big things in 2016: all of the knowledge we gained throughout 2015 is about to be put to use, catapulting us further into the stars.


Tick tock!


However you celebrate in the coming weeks, we hope that you’ll visit Alphanumeric and Rhizomatic Ideas  in your downtime—this week we had a brand-new Alphanumeric, as well as our Best of 2015 round-up  and a new op-ed on the hard work of writing, and will be continuing to publish new content through the holidays. We also hope that when you reflect back on your year, instead of focusing on the goals where you might have fallen short, you look back and see how far you’ve travelled.

Before we sign off this week, let me remind you that we’re open for submissions during the holidays. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War closes on January 2, with the upcoming Alice in Wonderland, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet  issues open into the springtime. We opened these submissions portals well in advance of the deadlines to allow authors the maximum amount of time to put a polish on their submissions—so take your time, enjoy the source work, and craft your submissions meticulously. You’ve got time!

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Until next week—


Allie Marini,
Managing Editor