Editor’s Desk – Week of April 29, 2016

April 29, 2016

Dear Intrepid Readers,

2016 lineup
2016, too much.

This year has been hard on icons. Like David Bowie in January, the loss of the musical icon Prince rippled across social media—music is sometimes the first introduction we have to poetry or a different kind of storytelling. Though on the surface, it may seem silly to some when we grieve for people we’ve never met. But artists, musicians, writers, directors, and actors help us to know ourselves. These people reveal us to ourselves through their art. We’re not always grieving for the celebrity persona, but we’re grieving no less. We’re mourning the part of ourselves that felt found, seen, and acknowledged when we discovered their art. We’re mourning the part of us that was full of the wonder we found in what they created—and the library of art that will never be made now that they’re gone. So we hope that this week, you’ve put on some Prince, partied like it’s 1999, caught one of the showings of Purple Rain, and maybe even pulled out your Raspberry Beret. If you’re looking for some art inspired by art, we highly suggest our own associate editor E. Kristin Andreson’s Prince poetry collections, PRAY PRAY PRAY: Poems I Wrote To Prince in the Middle of the Night  and 17 Days. Tell me—are we gonna let the elevator bring us down?

Oh no, let’s go!

Books are always a great way to process, escape, and reflect. After months of working, a complete press transition and more wrestling with Kindle than you’d ever want to know about (trust me, EIC Lise Quintana is a contender for sainthood at this point!), we’ve finally launched a new Zoetic Press website that allows readers to order both digital books as well as our print anthologies. We’ve got full-length collections and annual anthologies, as well as our quarterly Alphanumeric features available for purchase, so take a look at what the Zoetic Press has to offer. Each offering is carefully curated, and features a wealth of reading material to suit whatever mood you happen to find yourself in. Each of the Alphanumeric collections features cover art by MANDEM, so not only is it a lot of reading for your buck, it’s a beautiful addition to your home library, as well. We spend a lot of time reading, voting, editing, and putting together these features, and to be able to offer our readers a tangible collection they can hold in their hands and enjoy is one of our greatest sources of pride.

They grow up so fast!

We’re closing in on some deadlines. Tomorrow—yes, as in 24 short hours from now—is the deadline for the first story  in issue #2 of Unbound Octavo. Haven’t gotten a chance to figure out what that’s all about? Take a look at first issue, available on Amazon for just 99¢—we hope that you’ll like what you read, feel intrigued and inspired—and on Monday, tune in to Unbound Octavo to read the brand new story kicking off issue #2—it goes live Monday, and you won’t want to miss it. While you’re checking out Unbound Octavo, you might also want to take a look at Christopher Grillo’s beautiful coming-of-age chapbook The Six-Fold Radial Symmetry of Snow, also available on Amazon.

I’ll close this week’s editor’s letter with our weekly rundown of how to keep up with us, contribute to our press activities, read back issues, etc. If you’d like to contribute to the upkeep, maintenance and production of art at Zoetic Press, we invite you to take a look at some of the membership perks we have available at our Patreon account. If you’d rather buy individual issues, check out the Zoetic Press website. Re-vamping our Pinterest page is our ongoing project, so go take a peek at the new boards we’re adding to reflect some of the changes in the press. On Facebook, we’d love for you to connect with us at our Zoetic Press page. For a more personal connection, engage with your favorite NonBinary Review authors (and editors) in the Zoetic Press Facebook group. If connecting in 140 characters is your scene, Tweet us @ZoeticPress . Every Tuesday, we’ll continue bringing you a new Alphanumeric which will remain always remain free for everyone to enjoy. We’ve also started cross posting to Tumblr, so if that’s how you prefer to read, you’ll definitely be excited to subscribe and see what’s new every week. As ever, we encourage you to connect with our editors and staff to give us feedback about the transition, suggestions for Patreon perks you’d like to see, or just to let us know how we’re doing, because editors need love and reassurance sometimes, too. Our YouTube channel will be getting a face-lift and will be updated to include book trailers, Patreon exclusives, as well as our storytellers entertaining you by reading their work to you in their own voice. Our blog Rhizomatic Ideas will also be changing to adapt to the new Zoetic Press model, so we’re always open for book reviews, blog pitches, and guest voices—we would love to hear your ideas, so send us a pitch! And remember, even though we’re transitioning, we’re still committed to bringing you NonBinary Review and more Zoetic Press releases, and our submissions remain open , even as we switch gears.

Until next week,

Allie Marini
Managing Editor