Editor’s Desk – Week of January 23, 2015

January 23, 2015

Dear Intrepid Readers,

We hope that you like the new layout of the website—we’ve been hard at work trying to make sure that when you visit our page, everything you want is easy to find & just a click away!



Vincent & Jules think it’s tops.


We’re especially proud of how the new Alphanumeric page looks—and we’ve archived all the previous weeks’ Alphanumeric features so that you can easily catch up if you’ve missed a week. Make sure to check out this week’s featured story, “The Love Magnet,” By Elise Forier Edie, and to tune in next week to see what we’ll be launching. Remember, Alphanumeric features are an online complement to the current issue of NonBinary Review, and at the launch of the new issue, these pieces will be bundled up into a free add-on for the app, and a new cycle of Alphanumeric features will begin.

Speaking of which, we’re excited about the new submissions that are beginning to come in for our upcoming themes, The King in Yellow and 1001 Arabian Nights. We’ll be reading for these themed issues well into the spring, and we’d love to read your work.

We’re also interested in reading your book reviews. After all, there are so many books out there to choose from, and there’s not much worse than reading a book that just isn’t quite what you expected.



This is our face when we’re not quite sure what we just read.


We also know that a lot of the most interesting work (particularly in poetry) is coming from small, independent publishers, and that these releases don’t ordinarily get a lot of press and really depend on word-of-mouth and the literary community to succeed. And since we believe in literary citizenship, are always up for a great new read, and honestly care about your opinions on what you’re reading, we’d love to invite you to send us your reviews. Though this is the only category for which we do not pay authors, we definitely work hard to promote authors through our social media networks. Our book reviews are published online, and we’re eager to hear about what you’ve been reading. Send us a book review today!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for a literary publication, or are you looking to get some experience in the world of independent publishing? How would you like to join our team? We’re actively looking for new associate editors here at NonBinary Review! The available position/s are on a volunteer basis & require a modest commitment of your time—generally, no more than 4 hours per week. Ideally, we prefer associate editors with a background in the arts, who can give articulate feedback on fiction, poetry & visual art, but we’re open to anyone who’d like to work with us. The duties for this position are light, and include reading submissions, voting on submissions, and basic copy editing duties. To join the NonBinary Review editorial masthead & gain experience working for a publisher on the cutting edge of technology, send a cover letter and resume to: alliebatts@narrativetechnologies.com

As ever, we’re motivated to work harder as working writers ourselves by the working writers that we publish at Zoetic Press & our serial imprints NonBinary Review & Unbound Octavo. We’re so happy to see the ways these authors connect to each other and the literary community at large, and the ways that their work informs the work of other authors. We like to cap off each Friday’s letter from the editor with a quick rundown of the recent accomplishments & publications of our contributing authors (and it’s worth mentioning, we’re NEVER at a loss for material on the highlights reel!) This week, after you catch up on your Alphanumeric reading, we invite you to dig in deeper with John Kaniecki, whose poem, “In Our Land of Oz” kicked off our online feature. Check out this Authors Interview one-on-one with John, and see what drives his creative work. In the mood for something to hold in your hands? How about the new issue of Pulp Literature, which features “The Longing is Green when the Branches are Trees,” by NBR#1 contributor Margaret Kingsbury? Or, if you’re a writer & looking for creative connection, how about signing up as a scout for National Poetry Month with The Found Poetry Review, where you can engage with NBR contributors E. Kristin Anderson and Jenni B. Baker? (We’re considering doing this one ourselves—never underestimate the attraction of merit badges on a former Girl Scout!)

If you haven’t already, we’d love for you to follow us on Facebook (NonBinary Review, Unbound Octavo, Zoetic Press, Lithomobilus) and Twitter (Zoetic/NBR and Litho). We’ve been upping our social media postings and we’d love to see more reader & contributor engagement, so that we know our posts are giving you more of what you want. We also have a really fun Pinterest page and whenever possible, we post audio/video of our contributors’ work on our YouTube channel. Not a fan of social media, and just want the condensed version? Sign up for our monthly newsletter—we’re serious about your privacy, and promise not to flood your inbox. And if you haven’t already, download the free app—now available for both iPad AND iPhone!


Remember, all we want is to be your friend.


Until next week—



Allie Marini Batts, Managing Editor

NonBinary Review & Zoetic Press