Editor’s Desk – Week of February 6, 2015

February 6, 2015


Dear Intrepid Readers,

Happy February!

Us on Monday. Thankfully, just the once.

This week we rolled out two new online reads for you—here at NonBinary Review, our Alphanumeric feature this week is the experimental flash piece “Mother Cloud” by Julia Older, & over at our sister publication Unbound Octavo, we’ve published the 3rd interlocking story of the first issue, Brandon T. Madden’s poignant piece, “When You See Her, This Is What You Should Say.” We hope that you’ve had the chance to read these pieces, and if you haven’t yet, we hope that you will. We love both of these stories so much, in completely different ways, and we hope our readers will find them as special as we do.

This week, the internet’s been abuzz with the news that Harper Lee is publishing a second novel, Go Tell A Watchman, the sequel of sorts to her classic, To Kill a Mockingbird. While on one hand, as readers, we’re excited about the prospect of reading another novel by Lee, as writers ourselves, we’re a bit nervous about the circumstances and timing of this novel’s release, coming just three months after the death of the famously reclusive author’s sister, lawyer & staunch protector, Alice Lee. We’re of the opinion that there was probably a reason that Lee held onto this novel for 55 years, and that its publication may be taking advantage of the author’s declining health. While the novel’s pre-sales have skyrocketed to #1 on Amazon and caused a “trade frenzy”, is this second novel part of the body of work that Harper Lee wanted to leave readers, or is this simply pandering to publisher/reader demand at the cost of the author’s integrity? It’s a tricky question (especially considering that Lee has refused interviews since 1960), but it’s one that’s worth considering before buying the book, one that we ourselves will wrestle with between now and July, the projected publication date.

In less-famous-but-still-exciting-to-us news, once again, our contributors are writing up a storm & seeing many successful projects on their horizons! It’s been a particularly busy week for NonBinary Review #1 contributor Rosemary Tantra Bensko. First of all, today is the LAST day to download the anthology Cellar Door III: Animals for FREE! This collection features one of Bensko’s own favorite stories, about a snake handler in Mississippi. This week also saw an interview with Bensko about her upcoming ELJ Publications collection, Equinox Mirror. (Hey there! Look who else is on the ELJ rosterNBR’s own managing editor, as well as NBR contributors E. Kristen Anderson, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens & Jillian Phillips!) This week also brought good news & new publications to contributors Aghori Shaivite & John Kaniecki—Aghori was received word that their work is to be included in the forthcoming J. Ellington Ashton Press anthology, Inanna Rising: Women Forged By Fire, a collection themed on strong females in horror & spec-fic. We’re keeping an eye on the page for that one! John Kaniecki—whose work kicked off our Alphanumeric online feature—has three new poems up over at Gadfly Online. Definitely worth a visit!

One last bit of great news—in addition to our newest associate editors Lennart Lundh & Lyndsay Hall, we’ve tricked bribed finagled been lucky enough to woo contributor Sarah Ann Winn to join our team as an associate editor! Welcome, Sarah! And if her previous appearance in NBR #1 & Best of the Net nomination wasn’t enough to convince you of her street cred (though it totally should be!) consider this: her piece “Magritte, At Night” in the current issue of Bodega Magazine. We’re super happy to have Sarah joining us & are confident that she’s going to be an asset to our curation process.

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Allie Marini Batts, Managing Editor

NonBinary Review & Zoetic Press