Editor’s Desk – Week of 12/4/2015

December 4, 2015


Dear Intrepid Readers,

Only three weeks left in 2015, and the holiday season is here with Hanukkah beginning next week—it’s amazing how quickly 2015 has flown by! We hope you were able to spend Thanksgiving with people who make your life happier, more interesting, and full of love. We also hope you spent Black Friday (and/or Cyber Monday) putting thought, love, and consideration into the things you give: cost doesn’t make a present perfect.

You can totally send this to me, from Santa.
You can totally send this to me, from Santa.

This week at Rhizomatic Ideas, EIC Lise Quintana wrote a post in response to the recent Tin House article, “On Pandering,” which in the coming weeks, will probably become a series of articles on the business of publishing versus the aesthetic principles of publishing. It’s interesting to note that the original article began as a lecture at the 2015 summer Tin House workshop. This year’s Man Booker prize winner Marlon James echoed a variant of this “pandering” idea, with regard to writers of color writing to the tastes of white women. Definitely some ideas to process, and we’ll probably be breaking some of these down into smaller, more manageable concepts over the coming weeks at the blog. If you’d like to jump into the conversation on pandering—especially if you as a writer have experiences with regard to your own work—definitely drop us a line: blog@zoeticpress.com. We’d love to have many writers contributing to this discussion!

Not only are our cover artists MANDEM amazing, but the essayist Karrie Higgins and her partner Alan Murdock assisted in the creation of this image. Zoetic Press, making literary/art love matches since 2014!
Not only are our cover artists MANDEM amazing, but the essayist Karrie Higgins and her partner Alan Murdock assisted in the creation of this image. Zoetic Press, making literary/art love matches since 2014!

We’ve got a special gift for our readers in the next week or so—NBR #7, The Woman in White, ready for your reading pleasure! We’re also rolling out the new series of Alphanumeric online features to complement the new issue, with one new feature we think you’re going to love! When you download the app, you’ll find a whole new interface to open up your narrative experience. And here’s another treat for you: the new issue of NBR includes all of the online Alphanumerics (which include many of our Pushcart, Bettering American Poetry, Best Independent American Poetry and Best of the Net nominees!)—so if you read from the app, you’ll get a sneak peek of all the online features that we’ll be posting over next few months. The back issues of NBR will also include all of the Alphanumeric content—so if there’s a story you read online, you can revisit it at your leisure from your device. Sadly, there aren’t any Alphanumeric features for our Grimm’s Fairy Tales or Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein issues, but we’ve got 5 issue’s worth of extra content wrapped up in a bow for you, so grab some cocoa and curl up by the fireplace (unless you live in Florida, where that’s really not the best idea, even in December), and enjoy exploring the new face of Lithomobilus and all things Zoetic Press has published over the past 2 years. And here’s a spoiler alert: 2016 is going to be full of new Zoetic Press works for your reading pleasure.

One of my favorite things about winter is the end-of-the-year lists, and over the last weeks of 2015, I will be doing a bit of with each panicky Friday leading up to the MEGAHOLIDAYNEWYEARSZOMFG blitzkrieg. With that, I bring you some links, ideas, and reading material for yourself, your friends, or in the case of the glitter pills, someone you hate. Or Ke$ha. Bag of dicks can actually go either way. Heh. SEE WHAT I DID THERE??

Zoetic Press Approved Gift Ideas For the People in Your Life

  1. Writer’s Tears (pictured above) for the NaNoWriMo winner (or loser?) in your life. Also good for: Aspiring Hemingways, Great American Novelists, Tortured Poets, my grandmother. Not Suggested For: Aspiring Alcoholics (don’t encourage that!), Aspiring Jack Londons (arguably the same thing), anyone who might stumble off the pier in Oakland, probably not YOUR grandmother.
  1. Hannukkah, Bitches!

gin and tonica…..because some people spin the dreidel with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

  1. Storymatic.

Just imagine what what might have come from Villa Diodati if the Shelleys had packed this cardgame that fateful weekend! Also good for: Anyone with writers block, Workshop leaders, Creative Writing Teachers, new fictioneers.

  1. Novel Teas.

Suggested for: That one friend you always forget hates coffee but still likes caffeine, People who like to read something with their morning cup, basically anyone who likes tea and books. Not recommended for: Anglophobes, die-hard coffee drinkers who think tea is for wussies, cats (known to hate tea and teacups.)

  1. Tequila Mockingbird.

tequilaSuggested for: Most people who would want Writer’s Tears, lovers of literary puns. Not suggested for: kids, Jersey Shore fans, teetotalers.

Before we sign off this week, I want to remind you that we’re open for submissions for our upcoming Alice in Wonderland, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet themed issues.

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Until next week—


Allie Marini,
Managing Editor