Issue #17 A Wrinkle in Time

Ashely Adams
IT Knows
Ashely is an MFA candidate in nonfiction at the University of South Florida. Her work has appeared in journals such as Heavy Feather Review, Fourth River, Permafrost, OCCULUM, Luna Luna Magazine, and Paper Darts.

E. Kristin Anderson
E. Kristin is the editor of Come as You Are (Anomalous Press), and Hysteria: Writing the female body (Sable Books, forthcoming), and the author of chapbooks including A Guide for the Practical Abductee (Red Bird Chapbooks). Kristin is an assistant poetry editor at The Boiler and a slush reader at Sugared Water.

Colette Bennett
Dear Megaparsec
Colette is a journalist whose work has appeared in CNN, HLN, The Daily Dot, Colourlovers, Engadget, Kotaku and Joystiq. Her work has been featured in Norwegian print magazine AftenPolten Innsikt.

Carina Bissett
C8: A Tessellation of Faces, Wings, and Other Obscure Things
Carina’s work has been published in Hath No Fury, Mythic Delirium, NonBinary Review, Timeless Tales, and The Horror ‘Zine. Her work has been nominated for several awards and she was the recipient of the 2016 HWA Scholarship.

Mary Buchinger
Reading A Wrinkle in Time
Mary, author of Navigating the Reach, einfühlung/in feeling, Aerialist, and Roomful of Sparrows, is President of the New England Poetry Club and teaches writing at MCPHS University in Boston.

Jenn Cavanaugh
When I Said We Had a Joke About a Tesseract…
Jenn lives, writes, and teaches in Paris, France. Her work has appeared in previous NonBinary Review issues: “Pinker’s Study” in Issue 9 and “Tinderbox” in Issue 14.

Morrow Dowdle
The Promise
Morrow’s most recent publication credits include Panoply, APIARY, and Schuylkill Valley Journal. In addition to poetry, she also writes graphic novels, most recently in collaboration with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

Denise Dumars
Ix Chel
Denise read A Wrinkle In Time shortly after the book was first published. It has always been one of her favorite SF novels. Denise writes fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, and helms Rev. Dee’s Apothecary, a New Orleans-Style Botanica online.

Ashley Geiger
Believing Takes Practice
Ashley is a Humanities Professor and artist whose work has a surrealist undertone, inspired by her readings of philosophy and poetry. You can also find her on stage performing with Toledo’s Improv troupe, Unfiltered.

Sarah Ghoshal
Sarah’s work can be found in Reunion: The Dallas Review, Cream City Review, The Moon Magazine, and Mom Egg Review, among others. She is a Best of the Net nominee and has two chapbooks, Changing the Grid and The Pine Tree Experiment. She lives in New Jersey.

Judy Ryan Hall
A Wrinkle
Judy has been published in Brevity, Split Lip Magazine, The Blueshift Journal and many other places. Judy is also a fiction reader for Literary Orphans. Her as yet unpublished novel, Max Runs, listed in the Mslexia Competition.

Mary Johnson
Charles Wallace (the Sin of Pride)
Mary is a librarian from New England. She has previously been published in The Westchester Review, Mythic Circle, and online in Sick Lit Magazine.

A Fracture in Fate
SMJ is a Los Angeles native and attorney. Her work has appeared in The Common, The Atticus Review, and FORTH Magazine.

Laurinda Lind
You May Have Been
Laurinda’s poetry has appeared in The Cortland Review, Ekphrasis, Main Street Rag, and Paterson Literary Review, and anthologies including Visiting Bob: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Bob Dylan.

MANDEM is a media-fluid artist conglomerate. Their work on disability poetics, the visceral body, gender and childhood is in critical dialogue with art history, religious iconography/mythology, and various -punk aesthetics. MANDEM serves as art editor for The Deaf Poets Society journal. They have recently been artist-in-residence at Il Palmerino (Florence, Italy) and Negative Space Gallery (Cleveland, Ohio). MANDEM’s current painting series, Hypermobility, is documented online here.

Desirae Terrien
In Which the Prime Coordinator Has a Moment of Clarity
Desirae lives in California, where she will soon attend graduate school. When she is not reading or writing, she can be found playing an instrument or cuddling small furry animals.

Drake Truber
Freud’s Nose
Drake is the creator of the Apple app Vindac and is an Art Center College of Design student. In addition to juried art exhibits, and illustration work he is creating his third time-based media indy project. @drake.truber

Elinor Ann Walker
Meg Tries to Explain
Elinor teaches writing online at the University of Maryland-University College. Her poems have appeared in Poet Lore, The Christian Science Monitor, Cicada, Rosebud, Mezzo Cammin, Soundzine, and in Stone Renga.