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She saved herself
with words tattooed on skin and
pulled from secret places
of body and soul
of flesh and mind;
with songed stories dancing through
the sky and
tales hiding behind a pocket of stars.
She saved herself with
sentences dripping from blood full lips which were
hiding a set of predatory teeth.
She wove her survival
with threads of prose
to live for a thousand and one days
under the thumb of yet
another Man.

After all I’ve seen
across the
thousand and ones
across the days
and nights
after the scars I carry from other teeth,
from other wounds
from other Men
I would rather save my song.
I would rather hobble my dancing stories and
blot their comet falsetto across the sky,
rather watch my own laughing mouth
call to its severed body
that my words weren’t wasted
on just
another Man.


Dina Honour is an American writer living in Denmark. Her poetry, fiction and non-fiction has been popping up here and there. For now, find her @DinaHonour or at Wine and Cheese (Doodles).