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The word Arabia makes you think of sand, camels and warm, romantic Arabian Nights, but you’d be remiss if you didn’t include the awe-inspiring Arabian horse. Past generations and extinct civilizations of Arabia used this majestic horse for travel, folklore, status of wealth and might. It will forever be valued and treasured as a symbol of culture, which influenced customs, traditions, nomadic survival and the Bedouin lifestyle. At one time, it assumed the role of “king-maker” in the east, changing human history and the face of the world under it’s thundering hooves.

It was the noble hot-blooded beast that could shrink the distance between landmasses, accelerate communication and link empires together. For many ancient travellers, having an Arabian horse meant surviving one more Arabian night in the harsh desert environment. But most of all, it was a romantic symbol of power and strength. That is why my image is titled “Rearing” in an ‘Arabian’ night sky ~ Unbridled, unharnessed, and unrestrained.

NBR6Boissonneault-GauthiersmallKaren Boissonneault-Gauthier is a photographer, writer and poet published internationally. She has shot cover art for Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Crack the Spine and Zen Dixie. Karen has also been featured in Artemis Journal, Cactus Heart Press, Synaesthesia, Dactyl, Fine Flu Literary Journal, The Scarborough Big Art Book, Sand Canyon Review, The Notebook, Shadows and Light Anthology, Vagabonds and Calliope Magazine, to name a few of the creative places she dwells. Follow Karen @KBG_Tweets.