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A story is like a bird,
a nightingale,
desired by sultan above all else.
Fragile, keening, lascivious
in its want to please,
voice spread open to the sky,
its song worships sound, gifts life.

A story is like sultan’s garden,
thorns pricking into conflict,
drawing blood,
developing into ambrosial scents
and stimulating leaves.
So easy to become lost in such a garden,
desire it above all else,
to succumb to its twists and turns and
the feel of soil on bare skin,
to lick the earth into mud.

A story is like a beautiful woman,
a wise woman,
a knowing woman.
Aroused scent character,
lips beguiling setting,
skin slick plot,
muscled thighs the beginning
to a thousand thousand possibilities.
A story to listen to
night after night after night.

margaret-kingsburyMargaret Kingsbury’s short stories and poems have appeared in Pulp Literature, NonBinary Review, and Expanded Horizons. Her in-progress fairy tale, post apocalypse novel was recently awarded honorable mention in the Diverse Writers/Worlds grant. You can follow her on Twitter @MargaretKWrites