Issue #6 The 1001 Arabian Nights

MANDEM —  1001 Arabian Nights (cover)

mandemMANDEM is the art name for Maize Arendsee, an art instructor and Studio Art MFA student at Florida State University, and her life-partner, Moco Steinman-Arendsee. MANDEM’s artwork is described as an exercise in categorical violations, simulation, and narrative. With an academic background in classical mythology, gender studies, and critical theory, MANDEM works across media and materials (painting, assemblage/collage, film, sculpture, and book-making), intentionally destabilizing genre in terms of content and media. MANDEM’s artwork has been widely exhibited in art galleries and museums, and it has been featured in over 100 publications.

E. Kristin AndersonErasure Suite
Daniel AriClass Action: Women vs. Shahryar
Brian BarrSindibad and the Peddler (Alphanumeric)
Eleanor Leonne BennettGrown, Held
Lukas BhandarScheherazadenfreude
Carina BissettA Houri’s Hymnody
Andrea BlytheBeyond Scheherazade: The Powerful Women of the One Thousand and One Arabian Nights
Jaap BoekesteinThe Storyteller and the Flea and the Princess and the Djinn
Karen Boissonnneault-GauthierRearing
Dmitry BorshchThe Good Arab?, Odalisque in Red Satin Pantaloons (After Matisse)
Robert BorskiForty Thieves (Alphanumeric)
Terri BruceThe Tower (Alphanumeric)
Kat CameronThe Heart is a Red Apple
Gregg ChamberlainWish Granted (Alphanumeric)
Michelle ChenBear Mountain Zuihitsu (Alphanumeric)
Angele EllisA Pardoning
Jeff FleischerThere’s the Rub (Alphanumeric)
M. Brett GaffneyThe Ones Who Came Before
Sarah GhoshalProcrastination
John HaasThe Leprechaun’s Vacation (Alphanumeric)
David Hoenig1001 Arabian Nights and Woman-as-Intellect
Dina HonourScheherazade
Jennifer HopkinsTale of the Dancing Girl and the Djinn
Jamal H. IqbalSugared. Spiced. Salted. (Alphanumeric)
Margaret KingsburyArousal
David LandrumAladdin
Tom LeskiwTales of the Roc
Judith LloydA String of Pearls
Mohamed MahmoudPalestina
Katie Manning28,065 Nights
Brandon MarlonMasjid
Fabiyas MVWaiting in Vain (Alphanumeric)
Dagny PaulCity of Brass (Alphanumeric)
Jillian PhillipsSuicide Library
Frank PossematoAl-Datma (Alphanumeric)
Saba RazviO Dervish of the Restless Heart
Blanca RegoThe First Voyage
Ruth Knafo SettonNight 777
Purvi Shah and Anjali DeshmukhMirrored Women
Rie Sheridan RoseScheherazade Sings
Jen SteinIt’s A Question of Blame
Jaz SufiPreface
Cetoria Tomberlin1001 Songs
Nathan TompkinsThe Djinni
Robin TurnerEast Texas, Twilight
D. J. TyrerThe Vengeance of Sage Duban (Alphanumeric)
John VicaryThe Echoes of Eons
Lenore WeissHow We Demonize Each Other (Alphanumeric)
Timothy WilkieUriel (Alphanumeric)