A Waking Fever Dream in Yellow

This story is paired with “The King in Yellow (Suite)” from The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. For best experience, download the LithoReader for your iPhone or iPad and get NonBinary Review for free. 

The idea that a published piece of writing could drive someone over the edge to the realm of insanity is nonsense. But it is fun and creative nonsense.

Think about it. A certain combination of words when read causes the reader (any reader, really) to lose complete control of rational thinking. The words cut through the mind like a dagger and opens the door for a mysterious entity called the King in Yellow to so thoroughly disrupt coherent thought.

On the other hand, one way or another it makes for great reading. Take that statement as you will. But on of the things that is fun about this particular collection of stories from Robert W. Chambers’ The King In Yellow is that in dabbles in both the realms of horror and science fiction. Much like a lot of literature from around the time it was published, The King In Yellow focuses on people that lose control of themselves either through their own actions or by a new and previously unheard and unnatural disturbance. Not surprising considering that this was a feeling had by many at the time of the industrial revolution where technology was in a rapid state of advancement.

These are the thoughts that went into the making of this work which I’ve ended up calling A Waking Fever Dream In Yellow. A man surrounded by reason, learned literature and a large step forward in the ability to spread communicative thoughts (books) is disrupted by that very process as the words in the book The King In Yellow use that process to destroy him.

NBR3-MosseGeoff Mosse is a quiet and humble hard working freelance writer and artist that resides in a heavily armed, fortified compound in Savannah, Georgia. His first graphic novel, The Mick, is available now from Red Handed Studios.