Proserpina Awake

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“And what do you do, locked up there?”
“I wait,” she said. – Eduardo Galeano

My mother paces,
frost stitches
her slipper prints.
Her tread reverberates
across my chamber’s
ceiling. Where she walks
icy rivulets fall. The drip wakes
me from my sleep.
I would whisper up
into the earth, place
my lips on each footstep,
let my kiss fracture
drifts, create a snow quake
but I hear my husband stir
and still I must wait.

NBR4RastallphotosmallJaneen Pergrin Rastall lives in Gordon, MI (population 2). She is the author of In the Yellowed House (dancing girl press, 2014). Her poetry has appeared in several publications including: Prime Number Magazine, Heron Tree and Atticus Review. Wayne State University Press nominated her poems for a Pushcart Prize.