Man Proposes

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Eyes upon our future days,
I won’t speak of our courting.
Deaf to those who ask to learn:
Even finches cannot know.

Eurydice, you rarity:
Fair oak nymph pleased to love but one.
Be it simple fare or rich, come,
let Hymen join us. Be my wife.

Share my roof, my star-lit rambles.
Partake of this man’s hearth and hold.
Do come, my dear: Lie close with me
and let my lyre sing our lay.

What sweet dreams might raise from us,
what nightmares rain upon us:
Only gods will riddle these,
with hints we can’t decipher.

NBR3-LundhLennart Lundh is a short-fiction writer, poet, historian, and photographer. His work has appeared internationally since 1965. Len and his wife, Lin, live in northern Illinois.