After the Tourist Bus Stops

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We are on the bay of Corinth,
where Zeus said:
This is the Navel of the Earth!

Here, two eagles circled
the earth and returned. Sometimes,
I wonder where my home is.

The songs of tourists echo
without melody. It is cheap,
and will quickly recede.

Like the body of a god,
the amphitheater creates an inmost place,
the water encircles two legs.

The hill has always been here.
Even gods reside on the top
of hills, but I cannot climb to godhood.

From here, the body of the earth
is silent. It becomes my body so that
all I hear is a bird song,
and the sound of a distant village.
And I feel peace.

meg-edenMeg Eden‘s work has been published in B O D Y, Drunken Boat, Mudfish, and Rock & Sling. Her work received second place in the 2014 Ian MacMillan Fiction contest. Her collections include Your Son (The Florence Kahn Memorial Award), Rotary Phones and Facebook (Dancing Girl Press) and The Girl Who Came Back (Red Bird Chapbooks).