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Not Toto — To.
Girl stuttered it
and it stuck to
black scrub barker-
at-lions, straw
sniffer, tiny heart
tin-man sized. One
lick would lick the witch,
stick-skinny one,
poppy scented
bicycle basket
rustler. Her stiff
lines smearable.

No dreams other
than to keep on
going. Whirled through
the binary
smells of verdant Oz.
He will not share
his mobile dreams
with mere munchkins.
From his little
emerald bed,
he turns three times
and think of aiming
his nose to— to —

NBR3-WinnSarah Ann Winn lives in Fairfax Virginia. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Apeiron Review, Flycatcher, Great Weather for Media, Lunch Ticket, Rappahannock Review, and Vector Press, among others. Currently, she teaches poetry in public schools through a Sally Merton Fellowship. Follow her @blueaisling on Twitter.