The Royal Historian of Oz

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The stories L. Frank Baum could tell weren’t just relegated to his popular Land of Oz book series. In addition to those he also wrote other novels as well as screenplays, poetry, short stories and plays. Baum, who proclaimed himself “The Royal Historian of Oz,” as he told people of the time, claimed that he received his news about the Land of Oz through the characters themselves via wireless telegraph.

That statement was the genesis of this work. Mixing fact and fiction, the idea of Baum sitting at his typewriter as he received reports from Oz while imagining a world that is in many ways intimately familiar to most of the people on the planet. The idea of combining an intensely colorful and eclectic world with the gray realities of real life is in no way an original idea, some can say it comes directly from the classic film. But I remember hearing some stories from prisoners placed for months in solitary confinement while doing their time in prison. Some of them would recall and actually recite songs and scenes from the Wizard of Oz just to get though the time and keep their sanity and some sense of hope alive inside of them. The fact that L. Frank Baum crafted a world that can reach even the darkest corners of this harsh reality is truly inspiring and worth sharing.

NBR3-MosseGeoff Mosse is a quiet and humble hard working freelance writer and artist that resides in a heavily armed, fortified compound in Savannah, Georgia. His first graphic novel, The Mick, is available now from Red Handed Studios.