Since You Asked:

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Because you don’t want to get stuck in traffic in a rusty old Buick
Because who wants a flying bear
Because her eulogy was offensive
Because the other vowels make too many sounds
Because the bucket was supposed to be emptied after they mopped the castle floors
Because wouldn’t you want the perfectly fitting Louboutins your sister left to you
Because I knew he was a fraud from the start
Because we always fear the newer version of our selves
Because girls in pink sequins always want to start trouble
Because death makes us face our own mortality
Because red flowers usually symbolize love and passion
Because even I hibernate in winter
Because I’m in desperate need of a manicure
Because no one can see the future no matter how crystal the ball is
Because the South didn’t have a big enough population to warrant a representative
Because red lips are so passé
Because a little black dress is sexier with a hat

NBR3PhillipsphotoJillian M. Phillips’s work has appeared in Heavy Feather Review, Cellar Door Anthology, and others. Her chapbook, Pretty the Ugly, was a finalist in the Emerge Literary Journal Chapbook Contest in 2013 and was published by ELJ Publications. Jillian holds an MFA from the University of Nebraska and lives in Wisconsin.