I, Quadling

This story is paired with Chapter 22 of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. For best experience, download the LithoReader for your iPhone or iPad and get NonBinary Review for free. 

Some of us play little known roles
and sit cross-legged on the floor
wearing red and white knee socks
and knock-off Ked sneakers.

When Glinda says “I wonder who is at the door?”
We say nothing and move to open it,
so that Dorothy’s processional may enter
and seek the counsel of her crinoline and sequins.

We may know all her lines
from being an understudy, wielding
the wand, wearing the crown
when she was out with the flu,

but when we hear the knock, our only choice is to walk,
never wondering aloud who is on the other side.

NBR3-KankeJennifer Schomburg Kanke’s work has appeared in Prairie Schooner, Pleiades, Goblin Fruit, and Gingerbread House. She serves as the advisor for The Kudzu Review, FSU’s undergraduate literary journal.