Dorothy’s Songs

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How It All Began

I too know what it means
to love something, regardless.



The one thing you can rely
on to always let you down
is the weather.


An Accident

It may strike a sweet girl like you as
coincidence the only significant thing
you’ve done is an act of violence
against another woman, but
I’ve seen it before. I’ll see it again.



All that smoke means
there is a flame. Get while
the getting’s still good.


The First Mistake

We all have known
what it is like to go after
the best man and
find the worst.


Roads Lead Somewhere

You don’t find the way;
you are the way.



The worse thing isn’t
stupidity, it’s chatter.


Broken-Hearted Brute.

The thing about those kind is
there’s always a thing about them.


Follow, Follow, Follow

Your whole life, have you ever
listened to your own heartbeat?
Thump, thump, thump. Laid
awake in the dark, kept out
of your own dreams?
Never? Never, ever?


Suspicious Bravery

Silly girl, his flesh isn’t weak
like yours—only his resolve.


Drug Phase

You’ve still got to wake up
next to them at some point.


The Emerald City

It’s never as big as you
thought it would be.



They’ll follow—another
hint (that you’ll probably miss)
who’s really pulling the strings.


The Forrest

If you’ve made it this far,
you’re luckier than most.
I know you’re scared:
it’s you they’re coming for.



Sometimes, when you think it’s over
a storm is just re-gathering energy.
It’s bite-back all teeth and claws.



In this world, one woman
has to fail for anyone to succeed.
There is only ever one queen.



Cruel how you get
the one you want when you
don’t want him anymore.


The Return

It’s just not the same,
is it?

NBR3-TomberlinCetoria Tomberlin is a poet and fiction writer originally from South Georgia. Her work has previously appeared in Fairy Tale Review, Southern Women’s Review, LADYGUNN, and various others.