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You can fall in love with anyone,
a fool, a shell, a coward,
and run along all right as rain
until the clouds are long lost shadows.

I wandered far from home that way
on handsome strangers’ arms,
and plodded on, as we got hammered
on all the fallen fruit we gathered.

Then I awoke from poison slumber,
though admittedly hungover,
better, faster, smarter, tougher—
a wiser, more courageous lover.

I’d never choose to click my heels,
even if that tale were true.
Still, I dare to dream sometimes
of Dorothy before the storm.

NBR3-05CilleyphotooriginalAnnie Cilley is a 23-year-old musician and writer living in Oakland, CA. After spending two years as a touring musician and street performer, Annie has settled down (for now) and is focusing on producing original work.