Issue #3 The Wizard of Oz

MANDEM — Morning: A Light in the Distance (cover)
mandemMANDEM is the art name for Maize Arendsee, an art instructor and Studio Art MFA student at Florida State University, and her life-partner, Moco Steinman-Arendsee. MANDEM’s artwork is described as an exercise in categorical violations, simulation, and narrative. With an academic background in classical mythology, gender studies, and critical theory, MANDEM works across media and materials (painting, assemblage/collage, film, sculpture, and book-making), intentionally destabilizing genre in terms of content and media. MANDEM’s artwork has been widely exhibited in art galleries and museums, and it has been featured in over 100 publications.
Morning: A Light in the Distance was originally the cover for the album ReverbNation by Eternal Essence.

Sara AmisLiving Like Lions and Bears
E. Kristin Anderson — It did not matter so much
Brian BarrHeartless
LS BassenA Host of Vermillion Poppies (text)
Cathy BryantDorothy, Later in Life (Alphanumeric)
C.A. Cole — Trip to Oz
CEE  — X-Oz
Annie CilleyDorothy
Sarah ClareThe Ruby Slipper
Emily Rose ColeTin Man Sings the Blues (Alphanumeric)
Flower ConroyThe Orphan’s Pup (Alphanumeric)
Hedwicka CoxGlinda the Good (Alphanumeric)
Robert Douglas The Sweet Scent of Death 
Robin Wyatt Dunn — Under the Shadow of Oz
Elise Forier EdieThe Love Magnet (Alphanumeric)
Austin EichelbergerAdventures in Another Land
Susan EricksonMr. Wizard (Alphanumeric)
Kate FalveyGreen Ghost Explains: the History
Nettie Farrism and n: Wicked Witch of the West
AJ HuffmanOf Oz (Alphanumeric)
Elizabeth JohnstonDorothy Tells It With a Sigh
John KanieckeIn Our Land of Oz (Alphanumeric)
Jennifer Schomburg KankeI, Quadling
Charie LaMarrThe Yenta of Ros (Alphanumeric)
David W. LandrumThe Witch’s Guard
Steve LaVigne How to chop wood—the tin man’s explanation
Kate LechlerCottonwood
Roger LovelaceMy Darling Trilby
Lennart LundhSilver Slippers
Mary McMyneThe Wicked Witch of the East Confesses Her Love of Tap
Geoff MosseThe Royal Historian of Oz
JB Mulligan — The Oz Cinquains 
Nick NafpliotisFearless
N. NicholsonDorothy, Under the Bhodi Tree (Alphanumeric)
Julia OlderMother Cloud (Alphanumeric)
Jillian M. PhillipsSince You Asked: 
Winston PlowesThe Home Wish of the Good Quadlings
Madeline PolzerDorothy and the Wizard of Oz at Closing Time
J.K. Rogers — American Oz
Paul RogovThe Release of Ozma
Michael Sarnowski — The Stories
Lorraine ScheinDorothy Gale (Alphanumeric)
StankoA Host of Vermillion Poppies (art)
Jen SteinGrown Dorothy Steps on the Scale (Alphanumeric)
Cetoria TomberlinDorothy’s Songs
Nathan Tompkins The Tin Man
Sessily Watt — The Scarecrow in Kansas
Sarah Ann Winn  — To(to)