The Monsters Receive Their Briefing on Millennium Park

This story is paired with Chapter 17 of Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. For best experience, download the LithoReader for your iPhone or iPad and get NonBinary Review for free. 

Vampires should be concerned
about the convention of crosses
beamed above the broad expanse
of the Great Lawn. Even if you can
arrive undetected, your pale faces
will be unreflected in the Cloud
Gate, every tourist turning from
his own convex visage to point
and stare then break branches from
the dense arbor nearby, scrape them
across the concrete to fashion stakes.

Werewolves should take caution
while viewing the following slides;
please shield the eyes of younger
lycanthropes. First are the wings
of the Pritzker Pavilion, rising like
a broken ribcage, bones curling out
from the impact of a blast to the chest.
Very disturbing. Then that giant bean,
(see warning to vampires) poised
at the park’s edge like a silver bullet,
just waiting to be fired across the lake
at the eye of a full, white moon.

Frankenstein, you should be all right.
Tall, bulky men abound in Chicago.
But please be careful in the Lurie Garden,
the path of wildflowers high and filled
with small children who frighten easily.
You know what happened the last time
you picked daisies with a little girl. So
stay to the west, watch the photos
on the Crown Fountain, all those faces
smiling, sans stitches. Pull your scarf
tighter against the strong lake wind.
Not a soul will ever notice your bolts.


donna-vorreyerDonna Vorreyer’s full-length poetry collection, A House of Many Windows, is available from Sundress Publications. Her work has appeared in many journals including Rhino, Linebreak, Cider Press Review, Stirring, Sweet, wicked alice, and Weave. Her fifth chapbook, We Build Houses of Our Bodies was released from Dancing Girl Press.