Cento: Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley

This story is paired with Letter 4 of Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. For best experience, download the LithoReader for your iPhone or iPad and get NonBinary Review for free. 

It was with these feelings that I began
the creation of a human being.
Physical secrets. Have you drank also
of the intoxicating draught? I had
desired it with an ardour that far
exceeded moderation, to forget
myself and my ephemeral, because
human, sorrows. The wounded deer was but
a type of me. Whence, I often ask my-
self, did the principle of life proceed?
An inanimate body. For this I
had deprived myself of rest and health. My
work drew near a close; now every day showed
how well I had succeeded. I became
myself capable of bestowing

Barbara DuffeyBarbara Duffey is the author of the poetry chapbooks The Circus of Forgetting (dancing girl press, 2013) and The Verge of Thirst (South Dakota State Poetry Society, 2013), and the full-length collection I Might Be Mistaken (Word Poetry, forthcoming 2015). She teaches at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, SD.