Snow Blight

This story is paired with “Snow White” from Children’s and Household Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. For best experience, download the LithoReader for your iPhone or iPad and get NonBinary Review for free. 


She lies in a glass coffin surrounded by ex-husbands,
Poisoned apple disposed of, antidote administered
Tilting their chairs back, they say:
Any minute now she’ll wake!
They watch her rosy cheeks, lovely
As Juliet’s after the potion
But this one is the original
Snow White who drifted. Each guy
Says he must have said, done, thought
The wrong thing but if he had it to do
All over again, and if instead—
Yeah, damn right, want another one?—
So the bottle passes
From one calloused hand to the next
The ice clinks in their glasses
They strain away from those unseen
Fools who wish that they, too,
Felt loved by these men who need them
Like little ghosts, the girls
Wait standing behind the men, sad
To see them getting smaller
Sad to see them staring
At those closed eyes and long lashes and
Rosy, rosy cheeks, the color of love
But not the flavor, the smell, or the sound of it,
These less pretty patient ones
(They could use a little awakening themselves)
Don’t dare, but she always dared!
They whisper, pale as Pre-Raphaelites,
Longing to run fingers through the hair of their beloveds,
Who sit aging and balding, shrinking
Until one day, they disappear


melissa-knoxMelissa Knox is a writer living in Germany, where she teaches American Literature and culture. Melissa’s work has appeared in The Kitchen Poet and in Aberration-Labyrinth