Silver Hands

This story is paired with “The Girl Without Hands” from Children’s and Household Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. For best experience, download the LithoReader for your iPhone or iPad and get NonBinary Review for free. 

I found her stealing pears from my garden—

She eats the fruit with just her lips,
limbs unable to grasp the green skin.

With each bite, dew and pulp mingle
emerald equally in her teeth.

I hardly care whether she is fantasia or flesh, for
this evening star has already consumed my heart.

I dare any to blight her form with imperfection
sinew and bone can’t core what is beauty!

But I give her back her lost hands in silver make,
each nail more luminous than the midnight moon

I found her stealing pears from my garden.


sarah-pageSarah Page is a 2013 recipient of Dialogue’s New Voices award for poetry. Her poems have been published in journals including Connecticut River Review, Fresh Ink, Inscape, Noctua Review, and included in the anthology Fire in the Pasture.