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Trickle of sweat between her breasts, down on muddy knees, hands torn, the earth was her uniform. She crouched to weed the mundane herbs, full and fragrant, grown without magic, ordinary soil for ordinary wishes. For humble hunger, she found she preferred the leaf a little bitter.

When he crept in, full of craving, there to satisfy another’s hunger, to find a flavor his wife couldn’t define, he thought Stolen is sweeter. He discovered her gritty with longing, not particularly evil.

In return for the spell of his kisses, which made her feel beautiful between mirrors, she sold him handfuls. Like rampion, to work best in the story, the witch must not be allowed to flower.

NBR3-WinnSarah Ann Winn‘s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Apeiron Review, Flycatcher, Great Weather for Media, Lunch Ticket, Rappahannock Review, and Vector Press, among others. Currently, she teaches poetry in public schools through a Sally Merton Fellowship. Follow her @blueaisling on Twitter.